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GamingThread Crackdown 3 2015 vs 2019 Gameplay Comparison
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Trolling and numerous accumulated infractions for similar behavior
I've been watching this game for at least a year, it is the reason why i made an account here on Era, but most importantly, it is the reason why i recovered my faith in Xbox ( before E3 2018). And its kinda sad seeing this getting all the hate from Sony's community, i saw people calling it all kind of things in CD3 threads, and i've seen some Spidey boys laughing at his games graphics (i mean, seriously?) and thats not all. While this game is not some kind of Jesus for all of us in this thread (i gotta admit), This game is a demon for Microsoft's haters, people fear this game like... like Batman, it's going to be legendary(it even appears in Xbox news all around the world, known as "The most fun game" in 2 of the most famous videogame forums in spanish) and i can understand the pressure this game has on it's shoulders.