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GamingThread MHXX/MHGU for Switch has shipped 1.2M Units, + 3DS version is 3.0M units
Reason User warned: system warring, hostility
MH would never come to a console? Did you forget about Tri on Wii/Wii U and Portable 3rd on PS3? Back then, it was selling the best on handhelds. Of course people would assume that Capcom would continue developing MH for handhelds. People at least expected a multi-platform handheld/console game. The fact that MHW dumped the entire handheld audience was a daring move. It would be like World 2 being Switch exclusive -- can you imagine the outrage? You're applying a modern perspective on the past, and it distorts part of the truth. Vita also died pretty quickly, so it was not a viable platform for MH. Hindsight is 20/20, so you can't use the present to invalidate the past. There were definitely a lot of fanboyism and butthurt, but the general view that it'll stay on handhelds (and Nintendo ones for a while) was a reasonable stance at the time. I think it's time people get past this. World players need to accept their fault in this whole petty mess as well. I wouldn't even bother bringing this up if the idiots would stop console warring every damn time MH Switch is being discussed.