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GamingThread Japan has Splatoon 2 plushies made by Sanrio that include a whitewashed Marina
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Rationalizing racism, inflammatory false equivalencies, and antagonizing other members
Yeah? Pardon me for not raising a big fuss over the colours of local TOYS. Would you also make a fuss if African countries made skin tones darker for local toys? For example, if they used a completely black shade for people who only have light-brown skin? Because this is essentially what you are all doing. In Japan, anime characters tend to look more Western-ish (including eye or hair color) but in reality they prefer their own Asian looks. Conversely, there are many gay comics in Japan, but the actual society is still quite intolerant towards homosexuals. Japan is also hentai-land but the Japanese themselves are extremely prudish. In other words, fictional representations in Japan has nothing to do with their attitudes in reality. A whiter local toy isn't necessarily indicative of racism, nor is a darker shade necessarily indicative of more acceptance. Chances are the matter of race was just not on the radars of the plushie makers. Sure there are some plushies in darker tones. Those are either cats or bears and have nothing to do with racial representation. Most of the other plushies have light tones because that's just what they enjoy.