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EtcetEra HangoutsThread US PoliERA 2019 |OT1| You down wit' NDP? (Yeah, You Know Me!)
Reason User Banned (permanent): History of antagonistic and inflammatory posting
Incorrect. Obama didn’t choose his mom. You choose your spouse. And being a black woman who was a loyal soldier in the war on drugs and and had her office advocate for keeping black men imprisoned on non-violent felonies instead of early release, because their slave labor was too valuable. It isn’t JUST being married to a white man, it’s literallt betraying black folks at every turn along with being married to a white man, which is why the only base of support she has is white liberal men (natch for this site) and low information black voters. Dassit that’s all. I mean, since no one believes me even though I’ve brought it up many times, all you need to do is check the responses of this post to see that Kamala goes over with black women like a wet fart. Also, Kamala isn’t black, doesn’t have a black American experience at all, has never made any substantive steps towards helping the black community, nothing. All skinfolk ain’t kinfolk, we don’t operate the way white supremacy and the GOP do. If you want people to overlook you working for your enemy she can always run as a Green Party candidate. Edit: I also call Obama biracial and not black because he doesn’t have 2 black parents nor was his formative years one that virtually no other black person could identify with at all. He has a uniquely biracial experience, regardless of that stupid ass one drop rule (that only seeks to push people into blackness and forces black people to accept folks who don’t even want to be black nor see themselves as black, until they accomplish some shit then it’s “ehhh well it’s probably the non black side that made that incredible thing happen”). Michelle Obama is black. Hell she grew up down the street from my black ass mama. Barack is biracial. This ain’t rocket science folks.