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GamingThread Console modder cdgexe permanently banned from GDQ after sexual harassment allegations
Reason User banned (2 weeks): excusing and diminishing sexual harassment over a series of posts + antagonizing another member via PM
My point is that sexual harassment is, as far as I know, illegal and being a douchebag is not. It is not clear to me that the guy sexually harassed her which is why I wondered the extent to which someone is responsible towards another adult. I don't think this is as black and white as you're making it out to be. I think that context matters. This is not a clear cut grooming case were a pederast lures a minor with promises and then coerces her into sex. We're talking about 2 adults that made plans to be intimate with each other and then one of them decided not to be intimate and another one decided not to be in the same place as the other. Now as adults the REASONABLE thing to do here would've been to find a middle ground that would satisfy both parties. Clearly the dude is far from a grownup but I ask again, to which extent are you responsible for another adult? What are you guilty for here? Being an asshole? Willingly endareging someone? or sexual harassment?