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EtcetEraThread Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says "no question" Trump is a racist in 60 Minutes interview
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Rationalizing and excusing racism
As always, I beg to differ. Trump is no racist, at least not what you would usually call one. He is suffering "Pauperphobia" if there was such a word. He fears and hates the poor, many of them overlapping with people of color (if only in his mind) makes people think he is a racist. Everyone from south of the US border falls in the category of people who are threating his personal wealth and that of the United States. Same goes for shithole countries and countries made of death and sand. He isn't even a good islamophobe, he only hates those muslims who are living in caves in sand and death countries. Muslims from rich countries as Saudi Arabia are perfectly fine and welcome, as anybody from these countries is rich (and so can't be a terrorist, which obviously only based on country of origin). So you tell me he hates people like Kapernick because he is black? Nope, he fears and hates all people who stand up (pun intended) and refuse to be bullied by him. So you say he supports white nationalists scum (and so is one himself)? Nope, he is endorsing them because he must. It is obvious that even his majority in the electoral college is paper thin (probably already gone). If he loses their support he is gone, there isn't even a question about it. I can't prove it, but I am sure he hates most that scum - especially the non wealthy among them - probably as much as any poor hispanic trying to cross the border. He doesn't even care about people entering the US by plane and overstaying their visas. Sure they are wealthy enough if they can afford a plane ticket and not walk thousands of miles needing to be tear-gassed.