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GamingThread Is Microsoft's attitude toward VR dictated by a lack of technical foresight or financial reward - or both?
Reason User Banned (3 days): console wars, history of similar behaviour
You could say that as many people care about "killer apps" for VR as those that care about something like the cross-play feature, but it was enough for this Corporate Vice President to and then goes on to ignore those under his tweet calling out how Microsoft still forces you to pay to play F2P games on Xbox. That is "listening", I suppose. On to why what Ybarra said was questionable and opportunistic from the start: He says there's no killer app for VR (recommending Google Earth over actual great games providing innovation is as disingenuous as it gets), but only days before he was retweeting deals on Windows headsets because he thinks it's worth people buying. These are the same double standards you can expect from a fanboy, but look at who tweeted out these things. He calls himself a "gamer first", but you know... that's probably not strictly true and when it comes to certain competing platforms.