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EtcetEraThread After 'stepping down' from hosting The Oscars, Kevin Hart set to appear on 'Ellen'
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Excusing homophobic rhetoric; account still in junior phase
I figured with his interview with ellen this would cause more waves. Not watched the interview yet as not had the time to sit down with it, but seems like people won’t be happy until Kevin falls on his sword I think he is ok to stand his ground at this point. He has apologised to “anyone he hurt” and said he won’t pull tweets, etc. I’m not in the LGBT community so I’m not as affected by his comments, and I definitely won’t try and say how that community should feel regard his tweets and jokes. I just feel there is a stand off right now and forcing him to be an advocate for LGBT community, as Don Lemon mentioned, is unnecessary and forced. He shouldn’t do the Oscars either as it’s just tainted now For what it’s worth I cracked up at that whole gay section of Kevin’s standup (I watched years ago and was surprised he was just getting that work). Reading it sounds a lot more harsh than when it’s being performed and Kevin even mentions about his own insecurities. At this stage, apologise and just keep it moving. No one is benefiting from this