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"Are these alt posts just vying for 'craven post of the day' on kiwi farms or something?"

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EtcetEraThread PewDiePie hackers take over smart tvs
Reason User banned (permanent): dismissing racism
First off, thanks for being reasonable. I do believe you are free to see him as a racist or someone with subconscious racist bias or something. I also agree that he should learn becoming more aware of what he is doing. However, I'll try and offer some explanation to this phenomenon: I do not believe he is a racist; I think he has taken this sort of overreaction some people (!) here and in the media provide and basically "absorbed" it into his YouTube persona. Edgy jokes are his motto. I mean, that he very, very often, jokingly says "It's just a joke, it's just a joke" after making... a joke or a racist comment depending on whom you ask, it already shows you how he personally perceives the people going after him. It'a an "us vs. them" mentality that spirals down the more people make unreasonable claims and dismiss other people easily. Who started this? Hard to say and it's not really relevant either. It's the same with politics in general really. In a relationship, when one behaves badly over a period of time, you generally cut them out of your life. You can avoid them. But what do you think happens when you can't avoid them? What if the other party misrepresents a point you made (due to ill intent or misunderstanding)? You become angry. The one feeling wronged will act upon this anger in some way. In politics, you can't just go your own way, that's not how democracy works, so one party will develop a stronger dislike of the other party. This leads to acts that the other party sees as offensive too. They fight back. The circle continues. That's also why there are more and more people choosing to vote for the AfD here in Germany, which is kind of anti-establishment just like Trump is, and they are doing openly fiendish acts. They are also against the refugee politics Germany has been pursuing. Now, you can think of the AfD party however you want; but if you, as an individual, criticize the refugee politics of Germany (even if it's a grey matter to you; you don't think "all refugees should drown" or "let's let them all in while our social system has many people suffering too"), people will group you with the AfD. So people who are being discriminated against or grouped with others just because of a single perspective you have will fight back. They will actually sympathize MORE with the group they were being grouped with BECAUSE they first-hand experience the discrimination they receive, and they WILL be against whatever the discriminating party stands for (here, the "establishment"). I think that's a good part of the reason Trump won, I think that's the reason the AfD is getting popular in Germany. It's a rebel mentality. Society establishes what is okay to think and what is not, and people are not okay with that because they don't feel like they are taken seriously. They fight back. The ones being fought back against (the accepted societal norms and views) don't realize that they views are offensive for other people, so they defend themselves, which just makes things worse. This radicalizes more and more people, on both sides. It's quite apparent in this forum too. You can personally judge PDP or interpret him all you want however you want, but if you take things out of context and attribute wrong-doings of people to him, he WILL feel personally attacked because that's exactly what people here are doing. So he fights back by assuming a defensive stance. In his perspective, well deserved criticism and undeserved criticism or hate will become meaningless, if it comes from the same people. He feeds his content with that defensive stance. People find it funny. Then he makes even more fun of people, which of course, people WILL find offensive too. In all their minds, they did nothing wrong. Neither people here on this forum, as in "I'm just calling a racist out, where is the harm?", nor PewDiePie "I just make edgy jokes and some have gone too far, I agree, and now teachers are saying I stand for GENOCIDE?" think they did something that was inherently wrong or worth judging an entire person for. In the end, both parties reduce the other party to their own view of the other respective parties, without trying to understand where people are coming from and that foundations of world views are DIFFERENT from person to person. That's where the spiral of hate comes from. Now, don't just dismiss what I say just because I said PDP doesn't see himself as a racist or that what he is doing is wrong. You are not doing yourself a favor if you are going to dismiss this in favor of your preconceived notion. You can see this pattern everywhere in the world. From relationships to friendships to politics; everywhere where communication of at least two people is involved, this pattern becomes apparent.