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"Why aren't we fighting these cunts on the streets again?"

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EtcetEraThread In case you needed a reminder that Louis CK is terrible... (Check threadmarks for staff post)
Reason User Banned (permanent): transphobia
I don't understand why this guy was banned. LCK made a clever joke and then went into dark humor I found a little cringey/groan-inducing. Gender neutral pronouns being silly is not the same as transphobia. I don't get why there needs to be another pronoun. Women and men can be whatever the fuck they want. And in my limited.experience with trans people. They've never invented a pronoun. In Ohio where I am from, I had never met anyone trans. My only exposure to trans people in Ohio was ever only once in awhile seeing a disheveled trans in goodwill or walking on the street. My Mom or dad would call them weirdos. So bad start. In China only along barsreet and only ever prostitutes (called ducks or geese in Chinese can't recall) Later I went to Chicago to be on the judge Mathis show and I matched with a woman on okcipid or tinder and she ended up being an older trans woman. Came to my hotel at the hard Rock. She was attractive in pictures but in person had way too much facial plastic surgery and just wasn't something I like. And I don't personally like peeners. But we hung out and played streets of rage as I had my first gaming laptop (MSi with 7870) and two wired 360 controllers (I went on the show with a friend). Then when I let her know again I still wasn't feeling it. We walked around the gay district. She talked about how it was difficult to find a guy who was okay with being open in a relationship with her. I empathized.even if I didn't relate. Then, later in Ohio I saw one in a starbucks who I had matched with on Tinder once. Not my type. Too masquline. But when I saw her with a guy I didn't think it was gross I thought it was nice. That there is somebody for everyone. I thought that was awesome. Recently moving to San Diego and finally finishing college I met awesome people who are trans. But also trans that I don't mesh with. As with all people. I've never come across a trans wanting to be referred to as them or there or Zim or zer tho. My experience with trans people has grown and developed as they are exactly everywhere and aren't exactly accepted everywhere. But it's easy to see how my experience in the beginning could have lead to a different mindset now. Men and women can be whatever they want. Masquline, androgynous, feminine, furry, gay, bi. It doesn't matter to rational moderate right and moderate leftists (shouldnt matter to anyone honestly). But biology is biology(I think). Men and women are men and women. To invent a new pronoun only furthers the stereotype of what a man or a woman is. I feel. And we are allowed to find each other weird. And if we have the sense of humor. Make jokes. Ck is making a joke about pronouns. I don't think he is connecting it to trans people. Maybe he is. But I don't think the dude banned is either. It's a clever joke. And the last bit is dark humor. Not a fan but hes far from transphobic evil incarnate I think. He makes fun of everyone right? Sorry for the missive.