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EtcetEraThread 16,000 people lose healthcare in Arkansas thanks to GOP "social experiment"
Reason User warned: Downplaying and being dismissive to issues with poverty
I live in Arkansas, and while I don’t know eevryone’s stories, I will say that I’ve had the pleasure of working with people who will do anything to get out of work. I was a shift supervisor in a plant, and i had a lady quit on me in the middle of a shift because she didn’t like working. She told me “ I’m going to have another kid so I can get back on welfare and food stamps.” I started a new job a few years back, and I worked with one lady for 6 weeks. She went on leave to get a hysterectomy, and never came back to work. She’s still out on disability because she has low iron in her blood and can’t work. Oh, her sister is her doctor, so surprise surprise how she keeps getting notes saying she can’t work. Really, low iron? It’s a desk job. Another lady ate sticks of butter (seriously, she would eat a stick of butter at her desk) so she’d have diabetes complications and get out of work. I’m sure every state has these kinds of employees, but as a taxpayer, it sucks carrying the load of people who can work but choose not to. Trust me, I’d love to sit on my ass all day and play games and get free food, healthcare, and money, but have some respect for yourself and your family.