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"This thread's premise is reactionary and unproductive"

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GamingThread How come Twitch allows people to use "gay" and "autism" so casually?
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Inflammatory generalizations and antagonizing other members
I don’t read Gaf, I think like a lot of members here, they moved from Gaf to this site. But yes, this is an echo-chamber and your ignorance of that helps prove my point. Era throws out these accusations and words that are one, not factually correct and two hyperbolic. I see what you’re saying with the irony there, but I believe there’s irony on both sides here. Your comments are also coming across that way. And lastly, it’s not that I’m lacking empathy, maybe I’m not as empathetic as you are but this doesn’t mean I lack it. I understand these points are needed for discussion but just because someone said some comments does not make them alt-right or worthy of a social media storm against them. These actions are just as toxic as the originator. Where is the line here? Hence Era is an echo-chamber that’s on a high horse. Again these are the comments I see a lot on area. If somebody has a differing of opinion from an alt-left opinion (because let’s face it, Era is alt-left) then it’s wrong no matter how you convey it. There’s plenty of instances where you tubers, journalists, game devs have their own opinions and they are completely valid and hurt no one, yet some Era members (and let’s face it quite a lot - atleast when a thread is started) like to shit on them... There’s damage being done on both sides here.