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EtcetEraThread White man resisted arrest, fought w/cops, beats them with their baton, and stole their vehicle (video)
Reason User Banned (1 Day): Inflammatory Generalizations over a series of posts
sorry but a one line reply such as this can be from many tangents, so you need to be prepared to explain by what you mean by this line? I don' t think Jerry deserves to be shot based on this video. I don't think he is alive due to white privilege because I don't think the police officers are racist because I don't know them. They could be racists or even racially profile using incorrectly biased stereotypes but I don't know this at all based on other officers from far away that may have done the same previously.Wait so my first line dismisses my other two arguments? Your are referring to this, no?I asked a question to the poster asking why should I be racist not anyone else. I gave three points and i agree that the first one was weak. it doesn't discount the rest. and my argument stems from the fact that there are minorities here taking part in racial division, that's why i am arguing in the first place.