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EtcetEraThread British government tells citizens to start preparing for no-deal Brexit
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Trolling, history of severe infractions. Account in junior phase.
Wow, a 5 day ban for saying I don't believe all Brexit voters are racists. Says a lot for the "debate," available at this place. Here's the issues at play: You can believe in immigration and its benefits for the economy but not free movement. That is a perfectly reasonable political position and not racist in the slightest. I do think that free movement forces harsh discrimination against non EU immigrants but that's another debate. The only reason for goods to be blocked at the borders immediately after leaving is a political one and for propoganda. On the day of a hard Brexit, if it ever happens all involved will have perfect regulatory alignment still so no need for additional checks until that changes on either side. We already check for "smugglers," so no worries there. We're already seeing this being suggested with both sides agreeing to maintain the status quo on various issues. Border requirements can be negotiated once regulations begin to diverge to the point they may be needed. Still, bolstering border forces is sensible from this point. Forecasting economic output in any country is as difficult as forecasting the weather particularly over the long term due to the sheer amount of variables, it's even harder when you have variables that are new and unpredictable and depend on politics that haven't happened yet. Its not unusual for economic figures to be adjusted from one quarter to the next because something unforseen happened. I certainly don't think we'll see the fiscal extremes being forecasted by both sides. There's been numerous cases in history where politicians told a country something "had," to happen or fiscal ruin would occur only for the opposite to happen. The UK joining the Euro for instance or Gordon Brown banging the dispatch box waving a fiscal report shouting "no more boom and bust," just before the biggest bust in a generation. If that makes me a troll here, so be it. Damn.