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GamingThread Engadget: Xbox Is Poised To Dominate The Next Console Generation
Reason User warned: platform wars
MS can brag about BC when they achieve compatibility worth a damn. Enhanced doesn't mean shit if there's only like 10 games. You might as well sell me full blown remasters/remakes at that point if you're just going to sell some BS "selective" BC. The point of BC is to be able to play any old game, physical or digital, no exceptions. Sony and Nintendo have achieved that multiple times, more than they haven't. MS has not; and when they haven't it's because of obvious technical reasons. Yet you guys keep pointing at the PS4 like it's the way it's going to be moving forward. I'm almost certain all you guys who keep shilling the X1X were probably the same people trashing the launch PS3 and posting "arrogant Sony" back then, despite the latter being the actual wonder machine that could do everything and with the most pro-consumer features on any console ever, especially compared to the laughably anti-consumer 360. Bottom line, if you think BC is going to be some ace in the hole for MS next gen, forget about it. Everyone will have it and it will be more comprehensive than MS' solution. So many posts in this thread read like they're from 2010. "Pssst, consoles don't matter anyway, MS is going to take over mobile and PC and make way more $$$ than those at Sony!" No, they're not. They already tried and failed miserably and now those markets are controlled by bigger and more capable players (Apple/Google). They bought some new studios? Who cares, they have nothing to show for it yet. As if MS doesn't have a history of throwing money at a problem that they still can't fix. And there is no secret plan. Their only avenue to control gaming is through Xbox. If that doesn't sell, they're out of the market. All this streaming/Netflix type of stuff will be done by many other players and probably better, MS does not have the exclusive rights to streaming tech nor do they have the exclusive content to sell it on.