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GamingThread PewDiePie recommends straight-up Nazi channel (Hitler speeches, calls to get rid of Jews, more)
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Excusing the use of racist language, dismissing concerns surrounding bigotry over a series of posts
I don't understand how anybody could be so dumb to think he is a nazi sympathizer or associates with anything from any of this. It's like he says in his video, his followers know who he is and know that he isn't what the media says. I listened to the Joe Rogan podcast the other day with Jordan Peterson on it, does that make me alt right? I don't even follow politics. I'm from Ireland, so to me I see Trump as an absolute idiot and find the whole situation of him getting elected hilarious. I think Alex Jones is a moron from listening to him on Joe Rogan. I followed DJ Khaled on Snapchat because I found him hilariously stupid and laughed when he posted. Whats the difference with following extreme alt right people? If it's amusing I don't see an issue. Just because you say something racist once doesn't make you a racist. I was in a situation with a friend where he shouted the N word when he got frustrated with a video game, while he was sitting beside a black person. The friend who shouted it isn't remotely racist but he just shouted it as a word that came to him in a fit of anger. People can say something wrong and bad and as long as they grow from it and improve then they should be able to. I like modern PewDiePie, I think he can express his thoughts very well and speak on these situations in a rational way. If he was a straight up racist then it would be different and I wouldn't enjoy him, but as somebody who watches him, I think that the media is blowing this way out of proportion.