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EtcetEraThread Sam Harris announces he's deleting his Patreon for freedom of speech violation.
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Defending Bigotry, Trolling, Account in Junior Phase
Are WE really the perfect ones and ALL others are (i) mean (ii.a) morons or (ii.b) carefully strategizing hideous racist smartasses!? I listen to Sam Harris very regularly and I'm not liking all he says in all detail, but nearly all mentions of him here are not close to doing him, and esp. his intentions, justice. Maybe you are the lucky one that gets EVERYTHING exactly right and he gets it ALL wrong, congrats to you, I hope you are enjoying yourself in your pride, you actually deserve it! But to claim he has such bad will and is deep down so badly racist as you seem to enjoy implying here, shows a bit a sad unwillingness to engage with the thoughts of people with actually truly quite similar aims of contributing to a globally good world. I can understand some of Harris' claims better after seeing many of the posts here.