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GamingThread Epic Games Store Discussion
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Continual Trolling, Account in Junior Phase
Download speed caps are not the domain of modern software. Your router should be handling QoS for you. Any modern consumer mesh (and quite a few of the nicer routers in general) setup will do this without requiring any setup from you. Download speed caps, much like the ‘backup your game to a DVD’ option in Steam, are an old software thing. They address common problems from 2004, but those problems do not impact a material number of users in 2018. Going forward, that number will drop from non-material to near zero. Advancements in the technology behind cable modems and 5G (both of which will be products consumers can buy next year) effectively create more bandwidth than consumers need. It doesn’t really cost Epic much to add a download speed limiter, but it trains consumers to expect each app to account for their broken network, rather than being told to fix their network.