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"Engaging the Doxx9001 as we speak."

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GamingThread Granblue Fantasy Relink 14 minutes gameplay video (release window changed to TBA)
Reason User banned (48 hours): Personal attacks and uncalled-for hostility towards other members.
Are you drugs? You're not really responding to anything just writing random garbage beside the point. Maybe next time just don't quote anyone if you have no intention to engage and just want to barf out your 2 cents? Like what you're on about here? Whether it looks good or not has nothing AT ALL to do you responding to someone being worried about the displayed linearity with "you're downplaying a great game". For fucks sake you haven't even played it yet but you're so sure of your assessment in this way. Saying it's all an opinion does nothing to answer for your original garbage response that just tries to deflect negativity. All I'm saying fanboys have some modicum amount of critical thinking. After coming off the red dead II threads stuff like this just disgusts me because it legit fucks up any and all decent discussion that can be had if people just to ease their fragile egos throw in unrelated garbage and don't engage with what is said. Don't be a zombie you can take someone sharing their personal worries about a title that isn't even out yet and might dissolve with later showing. You don't need to make this insanely garbage nonengaging 0 substance argument to deflect. Like let's be real for a moment and pretend you're engaging with the original point. Do you really think that it isn't true that what we've seen so far is very on rails? Is that really deniable?