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GamingThread Your ten most played games on Steam/GOG/etc (PC)?
Red Text Please post reasons as to why you played your list of games for so long. So this thread can avoid being locked as a list thread.
So yeah, there is a similar PS4 thread going on now, why not to have a Steam/GOG/etc PC one? My list looks as follows (it's a mix of Steam and GOG Galaxy data):This list is actually quite inaccurate for me as I played many GOG games outside of GOG Galaxy (notably Witcher 3 + expansions, for instance) and thus don't have the data for them, and I also played many DRM free Steam games often just by launching the corresponding executable outside of Steam and thus don't have the data (or the full data) for them as well. For instance, I played a lot of Crusader Kings II and Europa Universalis IV that way, so the listed data is wildly inaccurate.