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EtcetEraThread Wired does a Musk expose. It's not pretty.
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Trolling, junior member
You are badmouthing somebody possibly on the spectrum, who is also a hard working dude trying to do so many things Here is what I can recall: 1. Make electric cars awesome and improve the technology enough to make it cheap and efficient. 2. Trying to make internet cheaper and more efficient with satellite internet. 3. Trying to fix traffic in LA and, by consequence, everywhere 4. Make AI good. Make humans live longer. Etc etc etc He probably doesn't sleep enough and is probably obsessively working so hard that the lack of sleep mixed with the stresss of trying to do too much gets to him some times. And he seems as though he is either has a little autism or asbergers Like. He isn't perfect. He fucks up. But he's not born rich scum fuck lying Trump eroding our country little by little and letting China enslave hundreds of thousands of Muslims and Buddhists, allowing Yemenese to starve to death, letting corporations have as much power as possible, and locking up thousands of Hispanics for trying to seek asylum. BUT OH. Elon Musk is a scumbag. Fuck that guy. I agree. He needs to take a chill pill and be a bit better to people. But he isn't Mao Ze Dong. He isn't even Donald Trump. He is an example of how to have discipline and work hard. But maybe also an example of not working so hard you are stressed out and explode easily. My advice would be to realize he isn't a robot. To emulate his work ethic and believe in your own enginuity, however slight it may be, and work to get to where he is. But also remember to stay human, sleep enough, eat a good healthy keto diet, and balance how you treat people. None of it is easy.