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GamingThread Why women criticise sexualised character designs |OT2| I have no pants and I must scream (READ OP)
Reason User Banned (permanently): attacking rape victims, continued sexist trolling after previous ban, account in junior phase
I do heavily appreciate you bringing in citations to support your argument. I like when people are able to back up their claims. However, the same citation you're bringing up, RAINN, has stated that rape culture is not the cause of sexual violence. And while it is focused mainly on college campuses, the underlying message they're providing can be shared with the rest of our society. Next, leading off that point, a lot of the colleges that do report higher rates of sexual violence tend to be heavily inaccurate. One example is from Harvard, where 31% of women, out of 172 of the ones surveyed, reported some form of "non-consensual sexual contact" since college began for them. And the way they worded the question for this statistic was, "Since you have been a student at Harvard University has a student or someone employed by or otherwise associated with Harvard…continued to ask you to go out, get dinner, have drinks or have sex even though you said no?" And with their 1 in 4 statistic it's a heavily simplified statistic that, again, uses vague terminology like "sexual touching" and "non-consensual" to confuse the individuals being surveyed to respond with a "yes". And, logically, that's a larger rate than the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where rape is viewed as a norm. I would like to touch on one US law in particular that has ruined the lives of many due to actual false reports; and that being Title IX. At least once per week, a new due process lawsuit against a college is filed, with the majority of them having strong evidence supporting them; and these lawsuits are all centered around the student being charged with sexual assault on campus. Bringing up more specific examples, during this year, an autistic student was hit with two Title IX claims, neither being sexual in nature, but both being a fist pump and his hand around the other person's shoulder. And another one, being from a law firm, involved a football player from OSU charged under Title IX for consensual sex between him and the woman who reported him. Lastly, regarding your comment about the #metoo movement. Any sort of movement will have critics analyzing it, so why is that a bad thing? Not every single movement has to be 100% free from criticism. And this isn't limited to left-leaning/civil rights movement, this goes for any societal movement that has happened ever. And if you actually read the criticism of the movement, you'll find that it does bring up some good points. What if there are some claims that are false? Would someone like Terry Cruise be the only man to tell his experience about sexual assault? These sort of points do have credence to them. Even with the case for Dr. Ford, many of her claims don't seem to line up with what others that were involved with her case have also claimed. One case being where people attending the party, on the night of the incident, reporting that what she told about that night was not accurate. Another being her giving different stories with her therapist's notes, compared to what she's saying now. And, again, logically, why would she report the incident now when Kavanaugh is becoming a judge in the Supreme Court? Why not when she was talking with her therapist? I'll end this here from a quote from the attorney who worked at the Law Firm mentioned before:Citations: