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"Omg everyone hide your baby rape videos before the alt right finds you too!"

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GamingThread Streamer Breaks Anthem NDA, loses entire Origin library while recording (UP: Anthem may have been only game in library)
Reason User Banned (1 day): Hostility, Arguing in bad faith over a series of posts.
I'm not interested in pursuing this conversation any further because you and other people in here keep replying to me with shit that has nothing to do with what i said in this thread. It's really fucking tiring having to repeat myself over and over just to have it ignored. I've made my point several times now.All of it is nonsense. A contract is not moral by virtue of being legal. Period. Not that it matters, it has nothing to do with what i've been saying either. And you can miss me with the tone policing as well btw.I have as much interest in hearing counter arguments to arguments i didn't make as the people 'debating' me have in hearing my sole argument, which is not much. I'm not gonna change my mind on the only point i have made in this thread, no matter how many whataboutisms are thrown my way. Before you or anyone else @ me again, here is my point: 'Don't really care if we're talking about games, tractors or strawberries. If you buy Product X, then company has no business taking Product X away from you because of issues with Product Y or Issue Z. I know it happens. I'm saying it's wrong and it shouldn't be allowed to happen legally.' This is all there is to it. There isn't really a discussion to be had here because it's just my personal opinion based on my own values, and anyone that thinks differently probably comes from a completely different mindset regarding what limitations companies should have in the contracts they come up with and in what liberties they take regarding ownership of sold goods, and we won't see eye to eye on this. You say i have no interest in hearing other people out. Funny how that works both ways. I could say the same thing about anyone who has tried to 'debate' me.