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EtcetEraThread DoorDash Dispute Goes Viral
Reason User Banned (1 week): Victim blaming.
Guys were dicks. That's true and they were kind of trolling too but it needs to be said that there could be some subtle racism here on the part of the driver. They really wouldn't have done shit if he just told them to get to fuck, you could tell they were just some kids. Low key the driver was shaking cause they were black guys (subtle racism). Hate to say it but it's true and you can see it. He probably was like "oh shit they're gonna kill me cause they're black" when he could of just addressed them like any other annoying customer you might meet during the day and the whole interaction would of been over. If he has some sort of disability or mental illness though my thoughts would change but I don't see how this isn't just standard annoying customers that any service person is expected to deal with. It's part of the job unfortunately and it would be nice if people could be nicer to each other but life isnt always like this and there is an expectation that each person stand up for themselves and showing their are boundaries. Nothing would of happened to the drive. I bet the racist subcommittees online are going to use this as ammo