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EtcetEraThread Popular Lesbian/Bisexual Women Feminist Media Site "AfterEllen" Has Become a Transphobic Hellscape
Reason User banned (duration pending): excusing transphobia
All I'll say on this topic is that I personally believe this TERF's vs Trans shit is a perfect example of the left wing community dividing itself and infighting amongst themselves while the right attack united. You're all on the same side. (mostly) I will get crucified for this but I think there actually is a "both sides" contingent to this that is actually relevant, unlike the both sides arguments of e.g. Charlottesville. There is a massive massive amount of grey area, nuance and honestly difficult conversations to be had in this area but we've now just ended up totally divided within the left wing with people taking sides and calling anybody that wishes to engage with these discussions TERFS. On the other side people like Graham Linehan that have decided to signal boost a side they think is worth listening to but doing it in a dividing, hamfisted and offensive way that generalises all trans people. In my honest opinion when it comes to feminism men (Graham) need to move out of the way and let women talk (which I understand the irony of because I a cis man am also weighing in). This a discussion that needs to be had between Feminist Trans Women and Feminist Cis Women in a way that doesn't involve shouting from across the aisle on twitter because it just lets right wingers run amok. I genuinely hope I don't get banned for this comment but if I do, it's not meant with malice, I support all women and I genuinely think there is a middle ground here.