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"We're getting heavily played."

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GamingThread Steam, Origin, uPlay, Bethesda, Epic, W10 Store, Rockstar Social Club, GoG Galaxy, where's the line?
Reason User warned: antagonistic platform warring
Customer: Hey Valve, uh could you clean up your storefront? It's not easy to find anything I want to play. STEAM SQUAD: MY STOREFRONT IS PERFECT. YOU ARE LYING POST SCREENSHOTS OF YOUR STOREFRONT LIAR. YOU ARE USING STEAM INCORRECTLY. Steam: LOL nah bro. Let's let everyone on here and (bong hit) let the people decide what they want to play. Customer: Hey Valve, can you hire some actual people to man your customer service? STEAM SQUAD: MY CUSTOMER SERVICE IS PERFECT. Steam: Nah, I'm good. The Steam Community is there for you. You guys can help each other. It's cheaper and better for the environment. Can you turn the lights down man? EA, Ubisoft: HEY GUYZ WE'VE GOT KEWL NEW STOREZ JUST FOR YOU GAMERZ! WHO WANTS TO PLAY PLANTS VS ZOMBIES 2?! hello? Customers, STEAM SQUAD: LOL Steam (From behind a bead curtain): What if instead of us making games...the games made cards...that made VR....I gotta lie down Developers: I would like more money please. Steam: Uh.....sure. Just sell, like, uh, ten million copies and I'll totally give you more money. (lies back down). Like 5 Developers: SWEEEETT The other 9 billion Developers: Uhhh.... STEAM SQUAD: GENEROUS GABEN Epic: Hey Developers, we are going to give you a better cut than Steam. Developers: Awesome Epic: Also, we are going to curate the store a bit so customers aren't bombarded with nonsense if they stray away from the front page. STEAM SQUAD: HISSSSSSSSSS Epic: Hey also, customers here are some exclusive games you can only find on our store. Customers: Ok, sure. Steam: Here is a card game dudes. Just what you have been asking for all of these years! STEAM SQUAD: HOW MANY LAUNCHERS IS TOO MANY LAUNCHERS?!