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GamingThread Ashen, Announced as Coming to Steam and the Windows 10 Store (Play Anywhere), Now Exclusive to the Epic Store on PC
Reason User Warned: Trolling
See the thing is that Valve Corporation has had a monopoly on PC gaming for a long time. Summer/Winter sales + forcing steam for AAA titles back in the day has made people invest in steam. All their games are on steam (except for a few dozen games). Now when a competitor rises they are scared that their gaming backlog isn't going to be as "worth" as before. I've hated Valve Corporation since the day they f***ed us players by stoping to develop games, the day they went on to become some store with a monopoly. As a longtime fan of the old good Valve (been on steam since 2003) it really grind my gears that they've become Valve Corporation. Thumbs up for Epic. I hope more things Lila this will eventually lead to Half-Life 2 episode 3 and Half-Life 3.