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GamingThread A Crash Team Racing Remake may be announced at The Game Awards 2018 (Update: Eurogamer confirms)
Reason User Warned: Inaproppriate Language
Everyone is entitled to opinion so here is mine: I must be a funny person because from a pure gameplay perspective I think CTR is a better game than MK8. MK8 have a big selection of excellent looking maps, big character roster, and phenomenal graphics, but the gameplay is meh. Rubberbanding is atrocious. You get punished for being on 1st place by blue shells, increased time on debuffs from lightning and blooper. You get wrecked when placed in the middle from all those items. Some map designs are questionable too. And there is no story mode and that's a huge miss opportunity. CTR karts feel better to drive and power sliding is superior to drifting in MK. EDIT. Forgive plz :(