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"Why are we allowing them to walk free and safe? This is a fucking war."

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GamingThread Battlefield fans are upset you play as a regretful Nazi soldier in the new War Story
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Inflammatory whataboutism, History of serious infractions
Not to nitpick or anything, but I think it is fucking disrespectful to broadly claim that all Germans are (were) Nazis. I think it is mostly a problem with the US people, Europeans remember that there was a fuckton of civilians and ordinary people fighting for and against Germany. It is so sad to see that peeps continue this broad generalisation to this day. If you have a German campaign, it doesn't mean that you have to play as actual Nazis. There were many, many people in Wehrmacht etc. who were soldiers loyal to their country, not the ideology. Talking about the leaders, ordinary soldiers went where they were told to go. Of course there were lots of people who were on board with Nazi ideology too, but that's hardly damning in those times, since like half the population of Europe had sympathies with Nazis (until it became clear that Germany will lose, then they jumped the ship and loudly condemned the nazi atrocities). Situation in Germany was never black and white regarding the Nazi ideology. Of course it is simpler to say that German=Evil, kill them all. Luckily some countries teach critical thinking in schools, and even young people understand that nothing is never as simple as that (we have our glue sniffing turdlets too, of course, but everyone demographic has those, be it a country or a group of friends, there's always someone utterly stupid). And lol at people who say that it was Germans only who were doing the whole genocide... Polish were pretty in with getting rid of the Jews too, and in most of the European countries race hygienic thinking was pretty hot. US continued that well after that, and some could argue that they are continueing it to this day (when you look what they are doing to minorities etc.). And some people whining about playing as Germans, grow up. I think it is great to see a story like that. We need more movies from the Axis view point, preferably as historically accurate as possible. That helps even the stupid ones (you know, those who can barely read, and need a dub for their movies since they can't be arsed to read subs) understand the reality back then. There is a reason far right is getting foothold among the less educated, they use simple language. People opposing far right get way too poetic in their waxing, or they just punch the far right people. It is not working, it only creates more hate among the hateful. We went that road once already (the revenge mentality of the Germans after being shat from a great altitude after WW1), did it work? We need to educate the masses. We need to show the results of concentration camps in school (if your country isn't already doing that, we were shown that stuff when I was like 15-16), we need to use easy-to-understand messaging. And movies are good at that. Not movies glorifying war (like US WW2 movies tend to be blatant pro-US military propaganda), but movies showing what it was really about. It was pain and suffering, men going crazy under the pressure, people fighting for their lives because they had no choice (The Pacific was good at this, better than Band of Brother even though BoB is the finest WW2 story about US soldiers ever done). The new Unknown Soldier is a harrowing movie, and it tells a story from a non-Allied side (Finnish movie). I cried so much during that movie, partly because of a group of elderly people who sat behind me. They remembered it all, I heard them cry and shout throughout the movie, they lived it all again (I think that they were from Karelia and driven out from their homes when Soviets came). That reminds me, German soldiers stationed in Finland didn't have anything against Jewish people. They even fought side to side, Jews had their synagogues and all in the front and (most of the) Germans didn't have any problems with that. Some Germans made good friends with Jewish, if I remember right there was either a SS officer or regular officer who became like best buds with one Jewish man. There is a book about Jewish in Winter and Continuation War, written by a Jewish person. Some of the Jewish did face racism, even from Finnish officers, mainly stuff like not getting a promotion to higher ranks etc. but those seem to been individual aggressors. That above alone tells me that not all of the Germans were Nazis, even though some people even here like to say so. I try to fish the name of the book and edit it here, it was a small book in my local library. EDIT. I didn't find the book name, but here's something about Jewish in Finnish army in Winter and Continuation War: " – Minä en ole SS. Minä en ole SA, siis natsi. Ich bin Wehrmacht, kuulun armeijaan, Altschuler kertoo upseerin vastanneen. – Henkilökohtaisesti minulla ei koskaan ole ollut minkäänlaista juutalaisvihaa. Olen ammatiltani insinööri ja toimistossa minulla oli juutalaisia kavereita. En siedä noita mustapukuisia. Ne eivät ole mitään sotilaita. " Rough translation: " – I am not SS. I am not SA, meaning Nazi. Ich bin Wehrmacht, I belong to army, Altschuler (the Finnish veteran) tells officer's answer. – Personally I have never had any kind of hatred towards Jewish. I am an engineer by profession and I had Jewish friends at the office. I can't stand those dressed in black uniform. They are not soldiers. " And an overview about Jewish in Finnish army: 3 Jewish even got an Iron Cross from Germany, none of them took it. Here one of the veterans say that there was antisemitism in Finland before Winter War, but that went away because Jewish fought alongside other Finnish, defending their country. Sholem Bolotowsky vahtivuorolla Syvärillä. Mahdoton sota -kirjan kuvitusta.John Simon: Mahdoton sota. Picture from a book by John Simon. He is Jewish, from New York. He wrote a book that combines fiction and fact (he made up a Jewish family and tells their story in Finland during the wars or something). That pic seems to be from IRL though, and it shows how the Suomi-KP should be in the game (drum magazine, that is the iconic look for the gun). Here is the link to YLE article about the book/author, in Finnish once again. All of the links are in Finnish, but use translator or something. The main point is that German troops in Finland treated Jewish normally, by and large. Some were not as friendly as others, but that's life.