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EtcetEraThread Emergency contraception and dickish pharmacists (TW)
Reason User Banned (3 days): Don't be an internet detective
The "Ag" in that dude's name refers to Texas A&M. My sister went there around 1998-2002. She said that, her senior year of school, the LGBT A&M student organization requested permission to hold a pride rally on campus. It turned into a year long debate among A&M student council. In the end, near the end of spring, the university offered a compromise -- The LGBT Student group could hold a pride rally, only if pro-life demonstrators could hold a counter-rally. Yes, I know that makes no sense. So, in the end, the LGBT students group just said fuck it and didn't hold a rally. She recounted this story to me because I told her a story about, in my freshman year at UT, I was once handed a card advertising the student sex services building that had a condom stapled to it, where the staple went right through the condom, which made me laugh. Her response was shock that they were allowed to hand out condoms on campus. Just to give you some perspective.