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GamingThread Nintendo Switch update 6.2.0 may have fixed its security flaw and stopped the hacking scene for now
Reason User Banned (1 day): Thread derail
I know there are a lot Nintendo fans but I honestly wonder why is Nintendo even in the dedicated console market anymore. Profits from selling hardware? License fees from the few third parties who publish on their hardware? Thing is though, when you buy a third party game on Switch, rather then XBX/PS4, you are getting a sub-par version of the game for the same price. It is obvious that Nintendo is not able to provide enough first party games to keep a dedicated console library interesting (look at Wii U). So why not just do what Sega did and go third party? Hell, the only reason I purchased a Switch at launch was because I was hoping for a new F-Zero game and so far I have been left very disappointed. Did you know it has been 15 years since the last true F-Zero game? Yes they were successful with the 3DS and should have maybe done a dedicated handheld successor. But for consoles, they are always behind Sony/Microsoft and I wonder if they would have more resources to produce more games as a third party without having dedicated console hardware to manage?