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GamingThread ERA Persona character popularity poll.
Red Text (From OP; Moderator Backed) - Edit: In order to stop this from becoming just a list thread please write about what you like about at least your number 1 character.
Alright gonna get this started sooner then I planned but here we go. This thread was inspired by Era posters’ responses to other threads I made by polls from other communities. I figured it’s time to see just what the people of ERA think. I don’t have the skills of the people who make the really elaborate polls on ERA(like the great RPG list) so I’m gonna try and keep this simple. All numbered mainline Persona games are allowed from Persona 1-5 Only playable party members are applicable. So no Theodore, Kawakami etc. I’m only counting characters from the main series so no Labrys, Kanami, you get the deal. Vote for your top three characters and number them with 1 being highest and 3 lowest. Feel free to post more if you like but only your top 3 will be counted. Your number one choice will get 3 points, second will get two points, and third will get 1 point. Here’s my vote to use as an example. 1. Aigis 2. Haru Okumura 3. Junpei Iori Voting will be open until December 4th to go with the release of Persona 3/5 Dancing. I’ll post the results as soon as there all tallied up. This is my first time doing something like this so I hope you’ll forgive me for the roughness of this whole thing. There also want be any fancy graphics unfortunately but I hope everyone has fun sharing their favorite Persona characters.