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EtcetEraThread Product Recommendations Thread (household items, accessories, electronics, etc)
Red Text happy holidaysDash Mini Waffle Maker:
Hi everyone and In light of said holidays, I thought this might be a good time to bring up useful (and excellent) products. 'Tis the season for shopping for stuff, sometimes ideas for quality (or affordable) items can be daunting to find. Anyone have recommendations? But also are YOU looking for something and hope other peeps can lend an ear? This has been my go-to gift for a couple years; it's tiny, it works well, and it's miniature size usually gets a lot of love. Useful for dorms or for people controlling portions, I love this thing. Comes in a bunch of colors if you got that person who color coordinates their kitchen (I swear certain people do appreciate that gesture) Sorry, the only picture I could find was this lame CG one, but seriously, are the BEST. I got one as a gift (way too attentive BFF heard me complaining about neck pain from sleeping) and it's been so good, I can't go back to standard feather. I've also since been forced to get it as gifts for other folks who have the same problem. :P Sleep Innovations is behind my purchases, so I can at least personally recommend it, but yeah you can get the fancy ones with cooling gel too. I'm trying not to break the bank, but I need this for a fella who's actually really good with the machines too.