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GamingThread Reddit user:"Sony Banned me for a common nickname in my culture."
Reason User Banned (1 week): Trolling, history of similar infractions.
But you don't understand. What is important is whether or not it is offensive to the glorious , aka the center of the world and the universe. Every decision every person in the world makes should be based on whether the would find it acceptable or not. If it's not acceptable for people in the then fuck you go away and never come back. Who cares if it's offensive in India tho lol fucking irrelevant country they are not the . Anyway sorry about your loss lol sorry that's what you get for not having the opinion of the constantly on the back of your mind lol fucking mexicans thinking they can make decisions based on their own culture haha lmao pathetic I will say this once: Everyone who thinks the user here is wrong or at fault is being racist. Sorry if you don't like hearing that, but it's the truth. :^)