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GamingThread Switch emulator Yuzu now boots Pokémon Let's Go
Reason User Warned: Equating emulation to piracy
And that's fine but do you really think that the majority of people that will be using this emulator will be going through the trouble of hacking their Switch, buying a game and ripping a ROM when they could just easily download it for free? Of course there are innocent people that just want to perhaps play at 60fps and with actual AA in this game but don't kid yourself in thinking that you are the majority in doing this. It's a game that game out yesterday and is in a semi-playable state, sorry but piracy should be a discussion here same as the fact that it's impressive that they got it bootable and semi-playable so fast. If it's a new Game Boy emulator and a video of playing Tetris then that is fine but this is a little close to the line for my taste.