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"Alt-right is weaponizing "outrage culture". Clever Girl."

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GamingThread Hi-Rez proved we spent almost a year hearing pointless complaints about Switch hardware
Reason User Banned (2 weeks): Extensive history of 'lazy dev' rhetoric and port begging
They announced today that on top of Paladins, SMITE and Realm Royale are coming to the Switch; - they all hit 60 fps, - they will support Cross play and Cross progression for Switch, Xbox One and PC. - they showed that it's totally possible to support 4 platforms. - they added highly requested features like gyro controls. (and brought that feature even on PS4) Which reminded me that for an entire year we've heard that it's tough to support 4 platforms, that Switch hardware maybe can't handle games like Overwatch (despite it runs on shittier PCs),... And here we are with a company significantly smaller than those delivering no big deal. Food for thought.