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"This thread's premise is reactionary and unproductive"

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GamingThread Fans Are Disappointed That Overwatch Still Doesn't Have A Black Woman Hero
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Minimizing inclusive casts as illegitimate stereotyping, dismissing concerns surrounding representation, history of severe infractions
Well your example is about a character from a totally different type of media. Due to the fact that overwatch is a non narrative video game there is no room to develop characters on the level of Mile Morales who is the main character of his own set of stories. Miles does show elements of what it's like to be black because writers have had time to develop him as a character. Overwatch has no time or place for anything similar. Overwatch relies on non offensive stereotypes to quickly hint at the personality of its characters. It also sometimes has other media to help establish characters but the vast majority of it's storytelling is voicelines and character appearance. What about Mei informs you that she is Chinese? Her stereotypical accent? The chopsticks in her hair? Remove those and she could be from anywhere. What is Egyptian about Pharah other than her accent and face tattoo? Change her skin and accent and in game she would still work. What about the favorite Lucio? He plays music, is happy, wears green and likes soccer. Does Brazil have a monopoly on those things? My point is that those things are stereotypes to suggest an ethic background but are just surface level stereotypes. Like I said earlier they can add a female character with afro textured hair and dark skin, it will check a diversity box. They can say they have that minority in game. But that doesn't mean it will represent what a black woman is. The lesson I'm trying to teach is you don't want diversity, overwatch has plenty of that. You want a character that looks like you or what you want. That's a different want than more diversity. Video games in general do a poor job of truly representing minorities anyway. I want more diversity in the way people are represented in media I do. To do that beyond a surface level requires actual character development. What I don't want is to be a box checked to satisfy a diversity quota in some kind of strange reverse tokenism.