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"[Mod Edit: Removed links to Twitter linked to hate and harassment]"

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GamingThread Motherboard: RDR2 Players Are Excited to Attack and Kill Feminists in the Game [update: re-instated]
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Excusing Portrayals of Violence Against Women, Inflammatory Comparisions
The same way you know that you can pin a negative situation on race, as long as the person is white, is the same way Shirrako knows he can upload targeted violence toward feminist/women, as long as it's in a video game. Everyone knows their boundaries. God forbid this thread was about someone who died from a drive-by shooting, & you posted You would never post such a comment, because Youtube came out and said his videos don't violate TOS. That means he's within HIS boundaries to upload these videos. Let the guy live.