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GamingThread Motherboard: RDR2 Players Are Excited to Attack and Kill Feminists in the Game [update: re-instated]
Reason User banned (duration pending review): Inflammatory false equivalency surrounding sexism and harassment + history of defending hate movements
I do care more about rights than some fake woman in a video game about murders... I gave up several years of my life before it was "cool" because I believe in those rights. I also don't care about people whose feelings get hurt because they're offended by someone exercising their freedoms. Like I said your rights end when they infringe on another's rights. As for "equality" it's a law that equal pay must happen... doing otherwise is a criminal offense and large fines are levied in such cases. You do have a right to not be harassed, but no one seems to care when people on the other side of the fence get harassed in a restaurant with their loved ones or have people harass them while walking down the streets of NY City. Everyone should have equality of opportunity, but no one deserves something they didn't work to earn. Also look up "GTA V: Kill The Hooker"