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EtcetEraThread Reporter confronts looters at Family Dollar store (Hurricane Florence)
Reason User Banned (5 Days): Inflammatory generalisations.
How does that make it ok in a Cat 2 hurricane, one day later? I’m not trying to pull the fabulous Republican “what if” scenario but if I lived in that neighborhood, I’d be thinking - “well, shit I might be next. Anything goes because this thing is officially a hurricane.” What about others in closer communities who didn’t get flooded and aren’t looting? I haven’t seen reports of mass starvation or dehydration coming out of them. I know we live in this shitty-ass age of Trump, but yeah, that’s what emergency services and churches do. Growing up in the south east and hurricane alley, I don’t recall churches or emergency services discriminating like that. THAT would be a story worth telling if so. Anyone who lives in the projects has the ability to obtain food and water any day of the week before the hurricane like they usually do though, right? It’s not like food stamps were canceled prior to the hurricane hitting.