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EtcetEraThread HI! I have returned to this forum to see what happens!
Reason User banned permanently: attempting to bait others, long history of infractions
First, let me apologize for posting this thread in the wrong area at first, I posted in the hangouts by mistake. Now I shall copypaste what I said before. I haven't posted here for quite a while, but virtually every other gaming forum/community I have been on, has told me that Resetera has become ridiculous with it's moderation, and that you can get banned for wrongthink or expressing opinions that others do not agree with politically. I am a conservative, I am a Catholic, I am against abortion, I voted for Trump, I don't agree with a lot of things liberals and progressives stand for. I am not in favor of high taxes for anyone, I even oppose gay marriage. I have heard that if you express ANYTHING remotely opposing progressive views, that you will be banned, that there is absolutely no chance for anyone other than left-leaning folks to have discourse, and I have even been told that even progressives who don't agree with moderators will be absolutely unequivocally banned. I have also seen screen-caps showing people who want ANYONE with an opinion they don't like to be banned, and they also believe that staff isn't even harsh enough about it. Is this the case for Resetera? Do the rumors I hear ring true? We will find out, because I have pretty much just said everything I've heard you can get banned for, so if I get banned for this post, I suppose I will have my answer.