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GamingThread So, yeah, Path of Radiance is about $300 now.
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Advocating Piracy. Please do not admit to or advocate piracy on the forum.
It's a fucking travesty. The two best and most reliable sites, Emuparadise and ISO Zone, snapped out of existence. But don't worry, Nintendo is going to give you 20 NES games with your online subscription! There's one place left I trust and I have deal with adfly and offsite hosting. I'm downloading whatever I don't have yet and putting it on my external HDD and then I'm done with it. Fortunately I already have a lot. Before people start screaming about piracy I'll just say this: yes, it is piracy. But the vast majority of what I am interested in is no longer commercially available. If companies like Nintendo want to start selling GameCube games again I will happily buy them. But buying used only puts money into the hands of the seller. Nintendo, etc. won't get a penny.