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"We're getting heavily played."

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GamingThread Why women criticise sexualised character designs (READ OP)
Reason This user was banned for 2 weeks for this post: Topic Derailment, Arguing in Bad Faith, despite previous ban and numerous warnings
Well, my point is ALL lives matter. White, black, red, green and pink. Granted, the term "all lives matter" has been used to hell and back by conservative media as a push against BLM, but I like to think MY definition is juuuust a little different from theres: There's no color, . You crack us open, we're all made of the same gooey shit. Barring a few....anatomical differentiations, I'm exactly the same with men and women, and with regards to any sexed depictions of either one. I see no logical differentiation in sexes - probably why I'm bisexual! To me, men and women offer the exact same stuff in just different places, hence I tend to treat them the same. Maybe I'm...stupidly optimistic thinking that everyone will one day see past the barricades I see past. Or maybe I'm just fucked up and am a deviant in every way possible. But, this is regardless an opinion discussion, so here's my opinion: Complaining about stuff like this is silly. It's a double standard - for every female depiction which someone says is negative, you can find a male equivalent. And cherry picking to me is cheating. In times like these, I remember the Romans. They used to have this festival called Saturnalia where they celebrated and worshipped, well....Saturn. Naturally. Throughout Saturnalia, social castes were set aside, and sexes were set aside. You could literally be walking home with groceries and see people wandering about in the nude casually, or even having group sex out near the fountain square. Hell, you could even swap those groceries for a warm body for a casual pump for a few quick minutes before going back on your merry. Simply put, NOBODY GAVE A FUCK BACK THEN. They just. Had. Fun. They lived and loved to the fullest. And we can't even love without getting offended over something. Don't you feel it's kind of tiring?