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"This stock drop has nothing to do with how Labo is or isn't selling."

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Thread Why are you hyped about Cyberpunk 2077?
To my knowledge there has never been a triple A openworld cyberpunk game, that makes the player feel like they are in Blade Runner or Ghost in The Shell Making a fully realized world with that aesthetic as a jumping off point is whats really exciting to me (As someone who did not care for the witcher’s setting)


Thread JPEG Dog, from Ace Combat 7, Was a Tribute to a Dev's Late Pooch
But once you recognize the secret reason for JPEG Dog you will feel ashamed of your words & deeds.


Thread Why hasn't Warner Bros Interactive attempted to make a new Looney Tunes game?
Sheep Dog N’ Wolf was amazing back in the day. Came out towards the end of the PSX’s lifespan and combined platforming with some light stealth and puzzle solving. Was really neat, first game i thought of when seeing this thread.


Thread Giant Bomb |OT 11| New Personal Best
So i haven’t read all pages of the thread and am still playing catch up, but has anyone else noticed a new resurgence in energy on the giant bombcast? I don’t know if its because Jeff is on hosting duties or everyone is just rejuvenated after the holidays, but the last handful of episodes have crackled with banter that had been kinda missing lately. Kinda felt towards the latter part of last year the west coast guys were just not super feeling it, and it had a much more sleepier pace compared to beast cast. Is this just me or has anyone else noticed this? Maybe i just really am enjoying hearing Jeff host.


Thread Redditor completely remade PT in the Unreal engine, available for download, playable in VR
Has anyone who played P.T on PS4 played this through to completion yet? How faithful is it?


Thread LTTP - Hollow Knight
I have been following hollow knight for a while but have still yet to play it. Love the artstyle and metroidvania gameplay but am worried the difficulty curve will be more frustrating than rewarding for me. Does it have difficulty options?


Thread 20 years since Bungie's masterpiece Myth 2: Soulblighter.
I remember playing myth 2 demo back in the day and being blown away by the amount of debris and gote left after battles


Thread Games you played 100% with a guide
I found myself relying on guides for classic point and click adventure games such as grim fandango and toon struck. Especially for those esoteric item puzzles. The other one i recall was the original Resident Evil 2. Knowing where to go and in what order was the only way i was going to be able to put up with my nerves and complete it


Thread Do any of you obsessively check your progress in a game? (Including using walkthroughs and such)
I definitely find myself looking up this info when a game starts to drag. Usually always ends up being around the last third of the game.


Thread Ybarra: 'Game Pass line-up for January it's awesome. Like December, January is going to be a great month'.
hmmm Cuphead still isn't part of Gamepass yet right? With Ori being added last month, Cuphead for this month would make good sense.


Thread 2019 Gaming Resolutions - Do you have any?
Get better at valuing my free time and playing more games. It's crazy the amount of time I have lost from surfing the internet getting lost in YouTube, that could have been better spent working through my backlog, as well as finishing more titles. Going into next year, I really want to use some of the free-time i have between work and family to really prioritize this past time. I'm even tempted to join the 52 games challenge for 2019.