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Thread Riverbond |OT| Voxel Game Heroes (E3 2019 Shadow Drop)
Oh man, naming it was one of those processes where I just kept slamming things onto the side of the word 'river' and maybe a few other water synonyms until I had a shortlist of things that felt like they rolled off the tongue. Collectively, we definitely knew we wanted a one-word title and I can't recall any of the others but 'Riverbond' was definitely the standout. It was catchy, and it played into certain thematic ideas that I had for the script early on that didn't end up being that important down the road, but we were all happy with it and stuck. :) The sweet spot for this game is parents playing with kids, for sure! I hope you dig the rest of the worlds as well!


Thread Riverbond |OT| Voxel Game Heroes (E3 2019 Shadow Drop)
Nice OT! I was the writer on this game, it was a fun one. Definitely meant to be very breezy and chill. Hope you all enjoy it!


Thread Tales From The Borderlands is (temporarily?) no longer available for purchase on Steam
It is a smoker. Absolutely fantastic.


Thread The destruction of the French fleet at the Battle of Sluys in 1340 is probably the most important inspiration toward my personal sense of humor


Thread Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice |OT| Prepare to 死
I came here to inquire whether or not the difficulty in this game was accessible to somebody who had beaten all the DS games and Bloodborne, but with the occasional bell-ringing for some boss co-op help. I don't think I need to inquire.


Thread Most thought provoking game story?
Man, I must really need to play Soma. There is a small indie game called Soul Searching that made me feel some kind of strange, somber way that no other game ever has. It's simultaneously the most hopeful and hopeless thing I've ever played.


Thread Crackdown 3 |OT| Quack, Quack, Motherducker!
Just finished this! I really enjoyed it for what it was. The business names and decals in general were the dumbest trash I've ever seen in any media in my life. They seemed both written and designed by a collective of small children who have been given permission to use swear words. It's unimaginable to me that any sane adult could have approved them, and yet: There they are. But I liked the weapons and beating the shit out of people and what-not, sure.


Thread So why didn't you buy Valkyria Chronicles 4?
I did, and I finished it, but it both lifted heavily from the story and character structures of the first game and yet didn't have anywhere near the same amount of heart. As many have noted, Raz was a grimy, pointless little worm in a way that compromised what could have been a few good moments here or there. They needed to go in some new directions, but they didn't.