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Thread Kotaku's Stephen Totilo argues with Reggie that Smash Ultimate isn't a new game
Hey all. I figured people would enjoy the banter. I'm well aware of what is new in Smash Ultimate and talk about that in the article. The point was to hear his take on whether Nintendo is at all at a disadvantage this holiday season when putting out games that some may see as enhanced ports, even if they're technically a lot more than that happening with Smash and the Let's Go Pokemon games. Since Smash isn't some full roster change with all-new stages or some radical revamping of the series, it's not as obviously brand-new to game consumers as, say, Breath of the Wild or Mario Odyssey would be. And as I pointed out in the piece, Nintendo can port a Wii U game with very few changes--Mario Kart 8--and do great numbers with it on Switch. Hence me wanting to see what he'd say.