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"This thread seems to have gone off the rails. Give us a bit to sort this out."

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Thread Final Fantasy VII remake Limited Edition PS4 + bundles announced (in Japan)
It's not actually a console. It's just a cover that goes on the console. The PS4 top cover is engraved with an emblem inspired by FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. * Can be used as a top cover for PS4 standard models. Not available for PS4 Pro. * PS4 software "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE" is not included with this product.


Thread TV Displays and Tech Thread |OT2| There Is No Perfect TV ™ (Read The OP)
Second question: The Samsung Q90r doesn't have 2.1, but if my research serves me correctly, all the features that you'd care about for games are already there (just not with the 2.1 terminology).


Thread AO Tennis 2 - Finally a good tennis game again?
I've also been playing this on Switch/PS4. Had a preview session a few weeks ago and it was apparent immediately that the game has come a long way. For those that don't know the original game received about 30 patches in the first two months and was a remarkably different game (for the better) after launch.


Thread The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening | Review Thread
8.5/10 from me. The frame-rate issues, lack of new content & price dropped it from hitting the 9/9.5 that it probably deserves.


Thread Simogo (Sayonara Wild Hearts dev) & Annapurna Interactive (pub) were not informed of Apple Arcade beta, game released on service without a heads-up
This seems weird to me. Like it’s only two days early..


Thread Apple Arcade impressions, services launched early (available now) for people on iOS 13
More games are getting added. Jenny LeClue is there now.


Thread USgamer: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Drops Frames Like Marin Drops Beats, But it's Not Too Bad
I read that you played it docked, and I'm guessing the person that captured this video played it docked too. I played it handheld and it was extremely noticeable and all over the place, and considering the Lite is releasing alongside this game (which has no docked option), I think it's a lot more valid to start judging games on how they run in handheld mode. There literally will be NO other option on the system launching on the same day as this game.


Thread iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max announced (starting $699, $999, $1099 - Preorder Friday, ships Sept. 20th)
I'm still so torn on which one to get. I had 6 Plus, 7 Plus but then went the X and then XS, so now I'm unsure whether to return to the larger size.


Thread USgamer: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Drops Frames Like Marin Drops Beats, But it's Not Too Bad
It's definitely a big deal. I'm nowhere near someone who worries about frame rate, but I noticed it without seconds of booting up game. It's not the fact that the frame rate is terrible, but the fact that it is constant and drops from 60 to 30-40 constantly. Initially, i thought it was a design decision when leaving houses, being deep in battle, but nope. Obviously, it doesn't make it anywhere near unplayable and it's a fantastic game, but to say it's not a big deal would be pure fanboyism.


Thread Wolfenstein: Youngblood |OT| Les Louves Chassent en Meute
After starting a new game last night, jumped into a quick play and got matched with someone who was near the end of the game. Does this seem normal?


How did people know to go back to the house for the secret ending? I must have missed the reference or something.


Thread Why haven't we received gameplay demos/trailers/footage of Avengers & Call of Duty: Modern Warfare reboot?
Saw both today behind closed doors and both were significant chunks of gameplay. COD looks absolutely spectacular.


Thread Almost broke video game NDA close to E3. How does everyone keep their info secret and why do some choose to leak?
Probably not by creating threads on ResetEra, that will only prompt people to investigate, for a start.


Thread Oculus Quest |OT| There Are No Strings On Me!
Random question. I just got sent a review kit for Oculus Quest and there's two left controllers. Obviously being rectified, but are there any games that use just the one in the meantime?


Thread Mortal Kombat 11 Review Embargo lifts on April 22 @ 5AM Pacific
Our review is here. Progression is incredibly grindy. We've also got a list of fatality inputs.


Thread Iron Man VR - Preview Thread [Spoiler: It's a full game and it's great]
Mine is here. Can’t believe how good it feels to float with one hand and shoot with the other.


Thread Next weeks Google platform announcement will be the first in the industry in 20 years.
In before Ouya.


Thread Just got banned from r/PS4 by a moderator for no reason (but the moderator is someone formally here)


Thread Anthem Review Thread
I actually disagree with this to some extent. I don't think it's wrong to have reviewed the game earlier than when the day one patch came out, but it was actually out two full days before launch (five days after outlets go review codes). Given a game like Anthem is going to exist as a GAAS for 2-3 years, it does seem a little harsh reviewing pre day one patch, given that Bioware had said from the get-go that there would be a significant day one patch. I personally wouldn't feel good about a review being up before launch, when the game has already changed quite dramatically. You're right in saying that the patch wasn't game changing to the actual content, so if that's the reason you were pinning the game fair enough, but if it was for load times or disconnections, then it does feel wrong to pin a game for that full-well knowing that a day one patch was on the way (two days before launch).


Thread Anthem Review Thread
I haven't read that review, and absolutely don't think there's any merit in a game review commenting on other outlet's reviews. I was speaking to the fact that this specific poster said that it was fine to rush a review knowing full-well that a major patch was coming.


Thread If MS kills XBL Gold requirement for Multiplayer and focuses on Gamepass, then they will "win" next gen.
Like, "winning" to them is about revenue and they're not going to give up 25-35 million Gold subscribers in order to "win" in the eyes of a very small amount of hardcore gamers.


Thread Disney Says It's Never Been Good at Video Games, "Good Relationship" With EA
Where does it say that they're happy in that quoted text?


Thread Star Wars Battlefront II |OT| This Deal is Getting Worse all the Time!
Our review is up. I suspect it'll be a little higher than most, but we still felt that the core multiplayer stood above all the current issues.


Thread Samsung KS8000 / KS7000 |OT| Because crossing the Atlantic Ocean adds 1000 KS.
Am I the only one that finds any game in HDR to look washed out? Contract 95 Brightness 50 Dynamic Contrast Low Also, still getting the flickering issue and then picture mode appears to change briefly?


Thread Friday the 13th The Game-OT- here let me grab you from across the map
Yeah, I''ve been having an absolute ball with it lately. There's still some server issues but those aside, it.'s damn good.


Thread Respawn Launches Apex Legends, a Free-to-Play Battle Royale Experience Available Now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One
So I don't wanna toot our own horn, but we flew all the way from Australia to LA last week and it's been painstakingly hard watching all the mis information in this thread. We asked Respawn about why the game is releasing so close to Anthem, why there's no Titans/Wall Running and what's happening with TItanfall 3. You can find it all here.


Thread Crackdown 3 preview thread - ''Without revolutionizing the genre, Crackdown 3 promises good hours of fun''
Our preview is live too. Writer was fairly underwhelmed.


Thread Apex Legends announced by Respawn Entertainment (F2P Battle Royale) - Live Stream Monday 8AM PST
There's so, so, so much misinformation about this game. I'd suggest you wait until tomorrow :)


Thread Apex Legends announced by Respawn Entertainment (F2P Battle Royale) - Live Stream Monday 8AM PST
Get excited!