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"This stock drop has nothing to do with how Labo is or isn't selling."

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Thread PlayStation cancels planned PAX East appearence due to increasing concerns related to Coronavirus
Makes them look insanely weak. The flu is way more of a concern and has a way higher chance of being there, but still Sony shows up every other PAX East during flu season..


Thread Disney Parks Veteran Steps Down Amid Sluggish Star Wars Land Attendance
I would never ever pay for a day or park hopper for Disneyland, which is why I'm a Passholder and live like 5 minutes away making short after work trips absolutely worth it. The hyped rides are like 20-30 minute wait times max and rides like The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Soarin' are pretty much a walk on. Fiance and I usually do Disney World once a year, but that's going to end now seeing as there really isn't a "down time" anymore for the Florida parks and wait times and crowds are pretty unbearable. Star Wars at Disneyland was an insane disappointment without having the other ride open alongside it. They should've opened it only at Hollywood Studios. Now the price increase at Disneyland because of it has deterred a lot of people from going, even though I'd say a large majority of attendees are Passholders.


Thread One handed games on android?
Reigns for damn sure! Downwell is already difficult with a controller and two hands, one hand on mobile would not be fun. I would say Jetpack Joyride, Subway Surfers, and Flappy Dunk would be my go to's.


Thread [UK] Pokémon Sword & Shield Pre-Order bonus is Individual Steelbooks & Tracksuit DLC
Clean all around..


Thread Does anyone else see this Kingdom Hearts III billboard when driving around...
Saw them mainly at bus stop benches here in Los Angeles.


Thread Trump Moves to Ban Foreign Telecom Gear, Targeting Huawei and Escalating Battle With China
When it concerns stuff like this, yeah, I'm all for it..


Thread Is Sekiro's combat really that good?
They overcomplicated Sekiro. So bad, that I honestly can't push myself to keep playing. Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and Bloodborne absolutely nailed it in terms of being simple to control, but a challenging combat approach.


Thread Trip to Boston in May.
Lived in Boston my whole life and there's not much that you should do that hasn't already been said.. For renting a car, I'd say go for it, even if it's for 2 days. Seeing New Hampshire and Maine would be great this time of year. Salem, MA is a great day trip spot to walk around and is a pretty historic. Also a mom & pop game store there called Game Zone you can check out, as well as a comic/collectible store called Harrison's. Salem Willows will give you a good look at the ocean as well as a few great food spots, a nice park and arcades. Foliage in New Hampshire (lakes region) can be nice. For food, you're going to want to check on Pizzaria Regina, original location in the North End, but also another location in Medford, MA. If you like ramen, Yume Wo Katari is a no brainer. Honey Dew Donuts is by far better than Dunkins, don't let anybody fool you. For Mexican? Border Cafe in Saugus, MA or Burlington, MA. For super cheap, but good food - check out The Pour House on Boylston Street (Prudential, Newbury area). For breweries, there's a ton that popped up in Salem, MA also. Boston Beer Works is there, Notch, Far From the Tree, and Gentile are located there. Downtown Boston including the Prudential building, Newbury Street, Boston Garden can all be explored and done in a day without much effort. I never went clubbing or anything, but seeing shows at Brighton City Music Hall were the best. Harvard Square, Central Square, Union Square - lots of stuff to do and check out as another day trip. Also close to MIT.


Thread 20 Years Ago, Konami introduced the greatest music game ever: beatmania IIDX
For North America for sure. Only because the upgrade kits took months to get here. When I lived in Massachusetts, our Round1 got the kit about 2-3 months after the game dropped in Japan.


Thread 20 Years Ago, Konami introduced the greatest music game ever: beatmania IIDX
Yooo! Yeah watching all the Japanese players play it yesterday via Twitter was certainly something else. I think it took a few hours until somebody ended up clearing it. Here's the video for people wondering. I'm pretty sure they just took the hardest parts of boss songs and combined it. Thought April Fools stuff was only for SDVX, heh.


Thread 20 Years Ago, Konami introduced the greatest music game ever: beatmania IIDX
Great OP! Favorite IIDX tracks are hands down Red Zone, Eco-ji, tripping contact, No Doubt Get Loud, Wonder Girl, Speedy Cat, Mermaid Girl, Vanessa, Crack-ER and Strong Women just to name a few. After pIaying for just about 17 years, I'm still horrible at the game by just about getting through some Hyper 9 songs in Rootage. Still believe this game continually has the hardest learning curve out of just about all of BEMANI, but it doesn't stop a lot of people from grinding. First time playing the game was on IIDX 5th Style on PS2 that somebody brought to a tournament back in 2001 and I was so intimidated that I didn't bother playing again until IIDX 6th Style. I got more serious into playing it then, by going to an arcade in Rhode Island that had a machine and picking up the games on PS2 myself. The tracks in 7th Style for me have been more memorable, but once IIDX 11 RED was introduced, it began the wave of theming music with the overall design of the style. I think I have about 55 games currently played since IIDX Rootage was released at Round..


Thread Smash Bros Ultimate datamine: Mementos seems to be Joker's stage (further confirms Persona 5R/Erdrick for Switch leak?)
More DQ Slime stuff is always welcomed!


Thread Black Friday Haul thread
I didn't go in as much as I thought I was - mostly held back since I'll be moving soon.. Games: 1: Life is Strange: Before The Storm Limited Edition (PS4) Movies: 1: Halloween (4K) 2: The Witch (Blu-ray) 3: The Avengers: Infinity War (Blu-ray) 4: Jigsaw (4K) Misc: 1: Mortal Kombat I & II vinyl


Thread Video Game Music on Vinyl | Wax on... Wax off
[Vinyl collection image ] Collection of vinyl has always been a thing. Whether that be from people liking the surface noise and feeling nostalgic, to even the sound quality that can seriously topple other forms of physical media. More and more people are purchasing vinyl just as fast as labels can get them printed - which is cool. Publishers are seeing them as collectibles and rarely include them in Collector's Editions of releases, while some are working with already established vinyl labels to sell them through retail shops (mostly in limited quantities). Let's discuss collections, your newest pick up, or ways to get your feet wet in establishing a proper collection.:::: | - - | | | | | - | | - - - | | | | | | - | | | |


Thread Red Dead Redemption 2 - your release day plan
If that's true about picking it up on Thursday night, then that's absolutely what I'm doing. Thought about taking a sick day on Friday. I did it for Red Dead Redemption, so it might only be proper... During the day of play, I'll most likely order some chinese food and get comfortable.


Thread What's your go-to long plane/car ride game?
Last week I took a trip to Florida and bought Dragon Quest II iOS on a whim for the round trip flight. In the past I've always brought my Vita on board and played a good chunk of Resistance: Burning Skies, Killzone: Mercenary and some PlayStation Classics.


Thread It's time to feel very old again: today is Dance Dance Revolution 20th anniversary
Such an insane thing to to keep alive. I've first played the game back in 1999, got my username/nickname from playing the game, and made a ton of friends a long the way because of it. DDR is probably a good reason why I'm most likely 100 pounds lighter than I would've been, also. How could I forget that this game opened up a lot of music genres and amazing artists I would never have listened to. The first time I ever stepped on the pad and played a song, I walked off. I was so embarrassed because nothing like it was available. Over time, playing it was like second nature, I grew over the embarrassment of playing in public and it has honestly transferred that to other real-world happenings. I don't play as nearly as much I did, but I will be playing all the songs from the generation folders over the weekend.


Thread of Wednesday I'll be homeless, yay!
Springfield is rough and I’m terribly sorry to see you going through this. I’m just a tad North of Boston in Peabody and have a friend that stays at a Roxbury shelter. Hope this link helps: Feel free to reach out via PM at any time!


Thread Multiple gas explosions, fires reported in Lawrence and Andover, Mass.
I’m in Andover and can hear all the helicopters and activity. Our complex is good and we don’t need to evacuate but I’m following it all on Twitter for the most part. If any ERA people in the area have to evacuate and need a place to go, PM me.


Thread Stranger Things S2 |OT| This One Goes to Up to Eleven - 10/27
Finished the season as well as Ep. 7 even before checking here to see spoilers and yeah, immediately after it ended I was so upset with Ep.7 that it kind of ruined the rest of the season for me. The ending of Ep. 6 was promising. But then just to go right into Ep. 7 like that was a big no. Got that scene and the whole vibe of RE2 from this season.


Thread Taiko no Tatsujin Switch is physical+digital in EU+drums confirmed / PS4 ver. digital only
Wouldn't be surprised if they pulled the same thing Bandai Namco UK just did and announce the drum. I'm fairly certain that they saw the backlash on why they weren't including the drum so they acted on it. There is! PS4: Switch:


Thread Taiko no Tatsujin Switch is physical+digital in EU+drums confirmed / PS4 ver. digital only
Wow, they really changed their tune on this after all the complaining about not bringing the drums over :) This is what I like to see!


Thread PlayStation Europe announces the '500 Million' limited edition PS4 Pro (24/08; €499; 50k units)
Looking incredibly good. They've had a great streak of Limited Edition consoles and this certainly seals the argument. The excellent addition of a numbered bar right on the front instead of anywhere else is some great placement.


Thread Best Buy GCU (20% off) seems to be coming to an end, reports of in-store and online takedown
Good until November 2018 and thankfully my fiance has a Prime account. Will buy new releases soley from Amazon from now on and wait until good discounts of past releases to buy up.


Thread Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum Session! (PS4) & Drum 'n' Fun! (Switch) - Announcement Trailer - Nov 2nd
Incredible news for the PS4 version - very shocked they're bringing it over. We knew about the Switch version for North America awhile ago. Definitely waiting to purchase the Switch version now.


Thread Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night |OT| Memento mori: Remember you will dance
Reminder that Atlus announced Dancing All Night coming to North America in February 2014, then not released until June 2015. If it won't be at this E3, then E3 2019 for sure.


Thread DJMAX Respect |OT| Press X For MAX Respect |NA/EU Release|
Well worth the wait! I've played on both Virgoo and Dao controllers and like the Virgoo in sturdiness, but the Dao in overall build and detailed design. Still no word yet on the Partner Program, but hoping something is said next week.


Thread Game soundtracks on vinyl | 45rpm All new cartridge
Free shipping on video game vinyl via Mondo! Also Ship to Shore pre-order vinyl are up - shipping begins or around 12/9 STS-019 - Rocket Knight Adventures () STS-025 - Welcome to the Fantasy Zone () STS-026 - Konami Kukeiha Club Museum Series #2 Kid Dracula ()


Thread Game soundtracks on vinyl | 45rpm All new cartridge
Last vinyl purchased was Metal Slug and I'm hoping the rest of the series get a vinyl release from DD. I started collecting vinyl roughly 5 months ago and it has grown to about 25+. I picked up Dark Souls 3 over at Think Geek, so in the coming weeks I'll be grabbing the other two. I am looking to buy older vinyl from games and flexi Japanese releases mostly. I love the obscurity! I have about 3 flexi discs of compilation tracks, but that's it.


Thread SneakerERA |OT| Sole Crushing L's
Grabbed the black UNDFTD x UB from Bodega on Saturday in store, because fuck fighting with bots online. Would've liked the white pair as well, but yeah, bots cooked those up in under 1 minute. Had to move empty chairs from 4 people since the line was wrapping around the building and people were gone for 3+ hours since they went to go get the Shadows. Had no shame in being part of that.


Thread Forum Avatar Request Thread
Back on GAF I used the Fio as snowman (with hat) from Metal Slug 3 sprite. I searched for a few hours straight over the past few days and have yet to come across the image. If anybody can help, it would be greatly appreciated!


Thread Monster Hunter: World |OT2| Cart Team Racing
Played pretty much only against Jho over the weekend (13 times roughly) and STILL no Deviljho Gem. How are people getting insanely lucky on finding it? Also, what is a good set for the Great Sword (Jho's) to get its affinity down?