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Thread Eurogamer: Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War accused of becoming a "Play on PlayStation to win game" after latest Sony exclusives revealed
"The Battle Pass Bundle Bonus, as it's called, gives PlayStation players who buy the $20 Battle Pass Bundle an additional five tier skips - that makes for a total of 25 tier skips. " Well... I bought the game on Xbox Series X, but i have a Playstation. I will buy the Battle pass on PS for extra tier (Cross-progression for the win! \o/), and i play with the game on Xbox.. :D


Thread Crytek projects leaked (Crysis Next, Ryse Next, Robinson 2, Hunt Mobile, & more)
Yup: "3. Intellectual Property Rights CRYSIS and all copyrights, trademarks, and all other intellectual property rights related thereto are owned by CRYTEK and are protected by German and international copyright law and other applicable law. Licensee shall have no ownership or intellectual property rights in or to CRYSIS, including, without limitation, all copyrights related thereto. "


Thread Halo: The Master Chief Collection optimized for XSX|S coming Nov 17 (120fps campaign & multiplayer on both Xbox Series X & S, adjustable FOV, more)
120FPS? Great. Another full walkthrough is coming. :)


Thread So Sam Fisher showed up in the new Tom Clancy's Elite Squad mobile game. Is this a out of season April fools joke?
This is not new game. And btw, i need a real Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia. (Not Assassin's Creed. :( )


Thread Metal Gear Solid 4 In-Game Cutscene Cinematography and Visuals are some of the best in the business
OMG, memories. The final-final boss fight is one of the most awesome fight ever. (Injection scene? Instant goosebumps. All times.)