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"a choice between right-wing liberalism and hard conservatism"

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Thread Chrono Trigger is on Steam (Fan patches now being released)
Oh hey everyone! Glad you liked the article. Also looks like you've been following along with Jed's mod tools. Good stuff, he did the same for FFVI. From the looks of it, the double set of in game assets presents a problem. If *EVERYTHING* was double scale, or *EVERYTHING* was single scale with a shader applied, it would represent a fairly straightforward opportunity for a clean modding solution. As is, it's... complicated. If everything was double scale, you could just create mods to pop in cleanly refiltered or perhaps even redrawn from scratch in HD sprites for a "true HD" mod. However, because they're mixed in along with original res sprites, the only non-super-complicated solution seems to be putting pixelated (non filtered) sprites into the double scale assets, and at least recover some integrity that way. I haven't checked too closely yet as I've been busy, but this may still present a problem with "mixels" as the game might very well be sloppy about keeping the double-scale sprites on a double-scale grid, so sprites could get misaligned. And then there's still the UI elements to content with. I think with Jed's tools and other efforts a fairly respectable version of this game is possible, but it'll still probably fall a bit short of what could have been. Promising, though.